EXPANDED PAINTING: A Multi-Disciplinary Synthesis

EXPANDED PAINTING: A Multi-Disciplinary Synthesis

EXPANDED PAINTING: A Multi-Disciplinary SynthesisEXPANDED PAINTING: A Multi-Disciplinary Synthesis

Artist's Statement

Art is the manifestation of thought. It's taking the ethereal and making something concrete of it. Art allows ideas to be seen, held, and examined.

The motivating idea here is to explore painting as both a verb and a noun. My work emphasizes the substance of paint and the act of painting by utilizing motifs of brushstrokes, paint splatters, and stains. Like fossilized dinosaur footprints, these painting gestures are action frozen in time. And just as fossils are rock, solid and heavy, a painting, to me, is a three dimensional object of substance and weight. This idea of the painting as an object with identity rather than an unacknowledged projection screen is emphasized by applying paint upon constructed forms of irregular shape to give the paintings a sense of presence, like sculpture.   

My artistic sensibilities are influenced by a passion for history, and derived from noting the effects of time, and the visuals of archaeology where the cycle of life, construction and decay, repair, demolition, and the repurposing of fragments and locations is a repeating dynamic seen in layers. These observations are mimicked by layering paint over broken surfaces which, like archaeological troughs, invite inspection. The fragmentary evidence of life and action fuels the imagination, and meaning for the observer, like the archaeologist, is created through fact and personal interpretation. 

Paul Genader

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